House Rules

House Rules:

I want to lay down a few house rules for comments.

1) Be kind. There is to much hate and judgement in the world. We don’t need more of it here.

2) Be real. This is not a site for pretending to be something you are not. Be genuine. It gives others the freedom to do the same.

3) Links to your own sites are welcome as long as they are related, positive, genuine and free of pornography. Obvious spam or anything linking to something potentially pornographic will be screened and deleted.

By way of information, I respect one’s desire for anonymity. If you submit a comment, your email is required, but that is in part to make sure you are a real person. I will never use that email address for anything but moderating comments.  I will never sell your contact information. And unless you ask me to contact you directly, I will never email you or contact you about anything…ever.

So yeah, that is it. Pretty simple. I hope that you will leave your input. The experiences of others adds a lot to a post. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I know what has worked for me. If you have found some insight, a site, or anything else you feel is worth sharing, please do so!