The Prodigal Addict – Helpful Links for Combating Pornography Addiction

The following resources have been very positive, very helpful links in my own personal fight against pornography addiction. I hope they will be useful to you as well.


The Heart of the Matter

This is a fantastic documentary that everyone should watch! Very well done.

Your Brain On Porn
Another really good site is It isn’t LDS or even religious. It is based in the science of the addiction.


I felt like this site did a great deal for me in reducing the shame of the addiction. So many people, many of whom are not religious, realized that pornography was causing significant problems in their lives. With the help of this site, they found a venue where they could become educated on pornography and share their stories and the side effects of discontinuing porn use. The results and the stories are funny, often colorful and very positive.


There are a lot of informative videos and a lot of good articles and stories from other people combating pornography addiction. You can sign up and make comments or share your story as well.


One word of caution, the videos are very educational, however, in quite a few of them they show triggering images when  talking about pornography. I even emailed the founder of the website, Gary Wilson, and asked him to rethink putting those images in his videos. He kindly replied and said in retrospect he would not include those images if he had to do it over again, but now they are linked to so many other sites it would be too big of a pain to remake and distribute them.


The 2 videos that I would recommend from, if you watch nothing else, are the TED talks. They are embedded below, or you can find them on the site.


“The Great Porn Experiment” is by physiologist Gary Wilson, founder of


“The Demise of Guys” Is by Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University.


Fight the New Drug
Another team that is actively combating pornography addiction are the folks over at Fight the New Drug. They travel around the country giving informed, realistic but positive presentations to groups of high school students. They teach them about the real damaging effects that the fantasy of pornography and its continued use can cause. They have a great video section as well. I have embedded one of their videos below as well.


We Need To Talk… from Fight the New Drug on Vimeo.



Confessions of a Mormon Bishop
This was a little article that I thought this was inspiring and would be good to recite at sacrament meeting and for every mormon to commit it to their hearts.


Scratching the Surface
Another excellent documentary that has various clips you can watch is called Scratching the SurfaceSome of the content is Christian and very well done. Various professionals and recovering addicts were also interviewed. I have embedded a few of the the videos below.



William Struthers from Scratching the Surface on Vimeo.

Michael Leahy from Scratching the Surface on Vimeo.


Overcoming Pornography
There is also the LDS Churches site they launched for overcoming pornography. I think that most of the videos and information there is pretty good for people that haven’t had a problem. For those of us that have had issues with this since before we were ever a 12 year old deacon, they can feel a bit shaming. Either way, the Church has and is making strides in the right direction to deal with this issue. They, like us, still have a long way to go. I liked these two videos that I embedded below. I have also included a link to find a 12 step addiction recovery group in your area. The 12 step groups have also been very helpful for me in reducing shame and helping me realize I am not alone.


Lifestar Network
The last links that I will put on this page for now are links to the Lifestar Network. This is a group that I have been participating in and overall it really has been very educational and very helpful.  There is a long list of books that they recommend for addicts, spouses of addicts, parents of addicts, couples and clergy to become more educated and help in the healing process. That list can be found here.

There are some good resources to educate yourself on the addiction.

And I have included the link to the treatment program that I am currently enrolled in. I am just heading into phase 3.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3: